Saturday, 21 August 2010

Summertime, and back online!

originally posted on Multiply July 7 2009

This photo: View North from the Silverton look-out on Slocan Lake, one of the most beautiful places on this blessed Earth.

Hallo all. Long time no see.

I finally got my new computer going. Welcome to the wonderful world of laptops, and the not-so great world of Vista. We'll try to make the blog rounds later.

Summer arrived at the end of May after another late icy spring, and has been quite wonderful so far.
I am always amazed that humdrum working life goes on during these precious months. Part of me remains forever a schoolchild expecting the Big Vacation. All of it should be devoted to just BEING and soaking up that rare warmth and light before the Big Grey sets in again.
When we visited Norway in 1964 we noticed that Oslo basically closed down on Friday afternoon. You couldn't even buy a loaf of bread after 4. Life was devoted to Doing Summer. Sounds like the right attitude to me!

What a crazy summer this has been. OK, I get overwhelmed easily. But seriously, in May and June I can always use every hour in the day twice over to do land stuff, and there have been many other claims on my time.

I will admit that I am not the most efficient gardener. It must be Mars in Taurus in the twelfth house. Well-meaning advisers with Mars in Gemini tell me that laziness is the mother of efficiency, and things could possibly be done with less effort. Alas, when I try to think practical things through I get totally stuck and nothing happens at all. So we just go out there, start muddling, and enjoy the process.

We have had a steady stream of visitors, since June 20th a resident grandchild 4 days a week, the farmers' market and extra Reflexology clients as a result of that. All of it is welcome, but some days life seems to be one big conspiracy to keep me out of the garden.
One of the visitors was Chris' sister, the grandmother of those adorable little girls for who I played nanny last fall. We took her to a few of the local sights. One of the best spots is the Silverton viewpoint over Slocan lake. When we were there we spotted a few huge birds, probably Turkey Vultures. We never used to see those until the last few years. It must be a global warming thing.
When one flew below us, this picture just happened. I love the M.C. Escher-like effect of the mountains and sky mirrored in the still waters.