Thursday, 8 November 2007

Happy Birthday CBC!

Originally posted on Yahoo 360 November 2 2006Happy Birthday CBC!

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is 70 years old today.

We love CBC. It usually murmurs in the background, keeping us company, marking the rhythm of the day.
I save boring kitchen work to do during interesting programs. Many a cupboard has been cleaned out during 'Cross Country Checkup' or a particularly good 'Ideas.'

CBC is great for comedy. We treasure a collection of old comedy audio tapes. Mainly " Doctor Bundolo's Pandemonium Medicine Show" and "The Frantics."

More than anything else I credit CBC for making me truly Canadian, as much as that is possible when one has spent one's formative years elsewhere. We'll always be hybrids to some degree, and that's OK.

Nationality is more than a passport. It is a whole bunch of little things, trivia, that you know just because. Like knowing who Maurice "the Rocket" Richard was, even if you never watch hockey.

Listening to CBC over the years has filled in a lot of gaps in our Trivia store in an organic sort of way.

Happy Birthday dear old Radio, and many more!

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