Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Snow Falling on Spring Flowers

Snow falling on blooming Lungwort. And others. Crocus and Snowdrops are finished, Periwinkle and Lungwort starting, Iris and Columbine are UP.
Spring bulbs, which I love, tend to get eaten by various critters. Tulips are just deer bait, but daffodils get hit by some wormy varmint. They die out instead of spread, like they are supposed to. I should just start treating them like an annual and plant lots of them in the fall.

April is almost over. We have had exactly 3, count them, three nice days that were more or less normal for the time of year. Actually more like 2 and a half. Yesterday was the half day. I was happily transplanting things in the perennial bed right in front of the dwelling, hence the digging fork.
Astilbes were moved to a shady spot elsewhere, in order to make room for baby roses. This is the only bed where I can grow roses, deer adore them. They will even come right up to this spot,
but usually the baby roses are allowed to bloom. Lots of astilbe plants were put into pots for the farmers market later.
Now it is snowing again. It is even staying on the ground. Not much I can do about it, and I know I shouldn't whine etc etc, but Oh dear Goddess, I so badly need some blue light and some warmth!
I am looking out the window at the snow while doing my income tax. At least that chore won't cost me a good day this year.
Son Alex was here for a few days. He spent about an hour explaining the difference between heat and temperature, and why global changes can translate into all kinds of weather. I am a bear of very little brain. Hard science doesn't stick easily. My primitive monkey brain says: Global Warming? Bring it on !

The first picture was taken Friday late afternoon when it started to snow. This one shows Sunday morning, April 20, the first day of Taurus. An overnight spring snow is not uncommon, but it usually melts during the day. This one stuck, and it snowed off and on all day Saturday.

I felt like crawling into bed with the covers over my head, call me when true warm spring is here. Fortunately I had a Reflexology client on Saturday morning, who has become a friend.
Before the Reflexology we shared some Rainforest Treasure Tea liberally laced with Illumination. We both felt much better.

Look at these brave little Periwinkles
blooming away in their corner, snow and all!

Tuesday evening. Winter colours with spring light.

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  1. Oh, my, what a sight! Amazing, breathtaking beauty!
    A friend I once had told me about the time he was treking toward Whitehorse, Yukon Territory and came over a pass. Spread out before him was beauty like he had never seen and he said it made him weep it touched him so. I think this view of yours might have that same effect on me! But I'm sorry you are still in the winter grip.

    Here's to a warm up quick-like! (raising my coffee cup).


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