Saturday, 25 October 2008

Sailing to Self Sufficiency

We are starting a loose network of cooperative neighbours with the aim of being more self sufficient in the coming hard times.

For example, I used to keep chickens, and wouldn't mind doing it again if I could count on "chicken-sitters " when we want to go away on a trip. I have a date this Tuesday to pick the brains of a lady who used to run a barter bank. It may well be an idea whose time has come.
Printing money, why let the government have all the fun? But that is a whole other topic.

This item was on the local news. We are a region of deep valleys mainly filled with lakes.
Places to grow grain are far and few between, but Creston at the South end of Kootenay lake
is such a place. Locally grown food is making a come-back, yeah!

Read this story and rejoice.

October 20, 2008Press Release

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  1. Jay,

    how did the sail delivery go. I am currently running small scale CSA deliveries in the Puget Sound under sail. Ive just completed three successfull deliveries (farm to market) into Seattle. We go 100% engineless on the boats.

    People here are quite excited about this. We thought we were the only ones actually doing this. I'd love to chat with you to hear how you got on and maybe swap ideas.

    Please call me anytime.

    Dave 206 605 3628


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