Wednesday, 18 March 2009

An Equinox Land Walk

Disclaimer: I did this for my own records. No artistic merit, it may be very boring.

These pictures were all taken on a walk on the first day of spring last year. This year it is all still covered with 2 feet of snow/slush. YUCK! Last year the snow was about halfway gone and it was easy to walk everywhere. The top is somewhere below the trailer, on the way to the spot below. It is amazing how many micro-climates one small 10 acre patch can have!

The next picture shows the first area of the land to become snow-free. It faces more or less South and lies between the road and the old-growth mini-grove that we call the Magic Spot. You can see snow still covering the flatter space near the road.

TThe heart of the magic spot. These trees were there when we bought the place, which was otherwise a neglected hay field. Look up, way up, to see the tree tops. I couldn't do them justice.

Pipsissewa, one of the many healing herbs on the land, on the sheltered slope of the special spot. After 3 or 4 months of not seeing the bare ground the sight of any plant is exciting.

Just behind the trailer, our dwelling for the last 21 years. Looking up the slope towards the old log house and the fenced vegetable garden.

The trailer seen from the top edge of the magic spot.

Deer tracks on the shady side of the Magic Spot, still in deep snow.

Coming up the slope towards the old house and the garden. The garden is in a tiny dip, so it takes a bit longer to get snow-free in spring. But on the plus side, it retains water better in dry summers. We only have a shallow well, and we can't just turn the taps on willy nilly.

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