Sunday, 11 December 2011

Being on the receiving end of help

Originally posted to Multiply June 9 2010

Last Saturday I had an interesting experience: being at the receiving end of help and kindness. I am usually more in the helper position, for which I am grateful.

But I was at the market, feeling slightly off for not having slept quite enough (my own stupid fault) when Austraylian Wine Syndrome struck.  Apologies to present Aussie vintners. You have come a long way since the days of Monte Python. But this was Chateau Chunder, "A fine wine which really opens up the sluices at both ends." No wine had been involved by the way.

I called home to Chris, who gallantly came to the rescue. It was one of the moments when I was glad the man insists on having two cars. Several people came by while I was huddled under a blankie and looking distinctly green to offer hugs and sympathy. It was so sweet.  Chris drove me home while my dear market neighbors Ana and Colette minded the booth.

Then Chris went back and took care of the booth. I crawled into bed for a few hours, emerged briefly to make dinner, and crawled back in at 8. The next morning I was perfectly fine. A bit weak perhaps, but well enough to run around between 4.30 AM and 6 AM taking care of plant babies before our planned mini-trip to family in Calgary. We just got back.

Anyway, needing and getting help instead of doling it out was an interesting experience. It is only fair that we all get to be at either end sometimes!

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