Sunday, 11 December 2011

Family, games and ashes

Originally posted to Multiply October 7 2010

The big news in  my uneventful little life right now is that my baby sister is over from Holland. The generous hospitality of our young Calgary relatives gave us the chance to go pick her up at the airport. The price of accommodations for 2 nights would have been prohibitive otherwise.The picture above was taken at a roadside sculpture near a Golden gas station. 
We have been blessed with a few golden-blue warm days, perfect for hanging out at the waterfront in town. Margreet has made the trip  here many times before. She knows her way around downtown Vancouver and Calgary better than we do, and Nakusp holds few surprises. Fortunately she loves re-visiting old beloved places, like this bench at the end of the walk in the Japanese memorial garden.

Above: sis resting in the sunshine while I do my thing in the flowerbeds nearby.
She is recovering from a serious back operation, and had a dreadful summer full of pain leading up it.  Reflexology treatments every other day are providing almost-pain free days and restful nights.
It is so nice to be able to DO something when a loved one is suffering!So what do we do with someone who has seen everything around here when it is not beach season? We play Globe Trotters in the motor home! We discovered this wonderful board game in the late eighties, when I brought it home on Saint Nicholas Eve. We used to celebrate a watered-down version, to take the edge off waiting for Christmas. The next year Mom and Margreet came over during a dreadful rainy spell. You can only go the Hot Springs so often. Globe Trotters saved the vacation. We played it endlessly.Above, Mom, Marg and the kids playing The Game on the porch. Speaking of Mom......she wanted her ashes to be spread on the land here, where she has had so many happy vacations. She made one last trip with Margreet. We will do it soon, but meanwhile her remains are enjoying a nice corner next to the flowering Michaelmas daisies.

I have never related to getting excited over remains. But I catch myself moving the urn out of the rain. Perhaps there is more to the bones of ancestors than we know. Who says this is a rational species? And now, it is time for another round of globe trotters.

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