Sunday, 11 December 2011

The first time it is just April 2

Originally posted on Multiply April 2 2010

April 2.
For the first time in my life and that of my siblings it is just another day in early spring.
April 2 was our mother's birthday. Mom's birthday was always a big deal, she made sure of that!  She died a few weeks after her 93rd birthday last year, after a long, productive and mainly happy life.
She was years ahead of her times. Her happiest years were her fifties, sixties and even seventies.
She lived in a place that she enjoyed, (Nieuw Loosdrecht, for my few Dutch readers) surrounded by natural beauty and with the chance to garden.The times had caught up to her, and she had a late brilliant career as the vice-director of nursing in a large extended care facility. Dad had resigned himself to her new status, and after retirement they were both active in the community and enjoyed almost 20 good years.
The mind got a bit fuzzy around the edges in the final years, and losing Dad in 2000 was tough of course. My sister Margreet, who lives nearby, was the Rock for both Mom and Dad for many years. Mom's good job made many trips back and forth to Canada possible. She often came with Margreet.
Above: a vigorous game of "Globe Trotters", the family favorite board game, with the grandchildren and Margreet. This must be the early nineties, looking at the  kids. That makes Mom in her mid seventies here, looking darned good!
I had been planning to do a sort-of eulogy thing here, but it is getting late. I must be able to get into the garden tomorrow. Mom would understand.

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