Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The word for waste was sin.

Waste of food seems to be the theme of the day. I railed on Facebook about an event in Nevada, where the Food Police forced the destruction of precious food that was supposed to feed 72 people.

I was literally stuttering and sputtering with indignation. You know the system is insane, but the reality surpasses one's wildest paranoid fantasies.

Then Melanie on Multiply had an item about frugality, that prompted a comment about the incredible waste of packed school lunches. The thought of all those apples in the garbage makes me REALLY MAD.

During my childhood the memory of the Winter of Famine, 44/45, was still quite alive in the collective mind. Food waste was totally not done. 

On the rare occasion that something did go to waste, my mother or grandmother would say: "Wat zonde".

Zonde, dear readers, is the word for SIN.

Only recently have I realized how profound that expression was.

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  1. Waste, particularly food wasted at the expense of a life, makes me crazy. If I've raised a chicken, killed it, butchered it, cooked it and served it and you waste it, I will speak up. Don't eat your carrots? My vermicomposting worms will but next time, don't take more than you'll eat. Someone worked hard to grow them. We talk about the starving masses while throwing out food. Unforgivable.


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