Wednesday, 31 October 2012

All Souls

Happy Halloween to all my friends who are out partying or trick or treating tonight.

I never did get into it.  It was not part of my childhood, and I lack the creative spark that makes it fun to do costumes. 

This year, inspired by an ad by an RC agency in the bus shelter, I created a small candle ritual on the last night I will spend in my sister's home.  Leaving here will be hard. Like the real goodbye.

I found some pictures while tidying up. Arranged them with Margreet in the middle and one of each parent to the sides, more including one very precious Christmas picture from 1952 in front. The candles are still burning.


  1. Rituals are so important. Wonderful way to say goodbye to a place where your sister lived and to the time you spent together in this life.

    I believe the public memorials and funerals don't always do it for those "in charge" of the affair so we need to find our own path to saying goodbye.

  2. Good idea I know how hard this must be for you


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