Saturday, 10 November 2012

Help, I am cut off!

Dea Volente and the creeks don't rise we will be flying home tomorrow. The last few days I have been computer-less, but equipped with my sister's smartphone. I was just starting to get the hang of  it when it froze in mid-FB session. It did not turn itself off either.

As we all know nothing refreshes an electronic life form like being unplugged  and plugged back in.  So I let it run dry, and recharged eventually. So far so good. Except now it wants a PIN number to get going again. Which I don't know.

In the old days, which include my last visit here in May 2009,  there were lots of Internet cafees. They seem to have died out in favour of WIFI. People just bring their own laptop or smartphone.  There also used to be such a thing as a telephone booth. They appear to have gone extinct as well. Tell me, where is Superman supposed to change these days?

Thanks to Gerda K. I knew that the Amsterdam Public Library had a bank of computers for public use. They used to be free, but I am happy to pay a Euro twoonie for an hour. It was more of an expedition to get here than I thought, especially since I went off in the wrong direction at first. The city is extending a metro line and the surroundings of Central Station are still a mess. My knee is whining and I am tired. Thank goodness overall energy is UP after a few days of naps and clean living, and I was fortified by a herring from Stubbe on the Torensluis.

The good part is that the necessity to let Bro Jaap know that the phone wouldn't work brought me here. It was on the list of things I would like to see, but I would most likely have lacked the determination. Alas, I did not bring the camera. The place is stunning.

I am going to hang in the magazine hall for a while. Libraries are wonderful!


  1. And what will happen to libraries with the e-books? Are they going the same way as the phone booths?

    Libraries always had good quiet with comfortable surroundings. And book stores did too. Are they at last gone too?

    Hope you get the phone issue solved. I am not smart enough for a smart phone but I love my Tablet with its WiFi. And here instead of Internet cafes you find coffee shops and visitor's centers and city parks that are WiFi hot spots.

    Hope the balance of your travels are pleasant and you are home soon.

    1. Same here, the WiFi thing. It doesn't do one much good if the device in question is not working.

  2. Ah, you found the library, good. It is a great place, isn't it?
    Safe travels home!

    1. The library is stunning, and what a view from the restaurant on the 7th floor! Alas, after walking there from the Jordaan and having to walk back I didn't have the energy to do more exploring. Still glad I saw it. And I wouldn't have if you had not told me about it.

  3. our world is changing and guess we have no choice but to change with it...


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