Sunday, 30 December 2012

Night and day

I just woke up from one of those protracted end-of-night  dreams that leave you with a feeling of unfinished business. 

The home I was living in had been invaded by several other families. The place was crammed with women and children. Somehow they were kin and had a right to be there.
I wanted to be nice to them but I really resented being so crowded. They were vaguely Asian. 

Duh, would watching a documentary on China on BBC last night have anything to with that? Has anyone seen "White Horse Village"? I was so glad to see that in the final installment the displaced peasants had won places for their children in the new school. It took serious direct action. We digress.

My status shifted to somehow being a teen or young adult. I had to go to school and catch a city bus to go there, and if I missed the bus I would not be able to find it. I was almost at the stop when I remembered I had left my homework in the attic and had to struggle back into the apartment to get it. The way in was through a door in the back of a small crowded store. It was an upstairs place of dark rooms and staircases. 

I also had to support the family or at least myself. After some morning classes I was starting work at the Lord Minto, in real life the restaurant where I worked during the tipi years. I was told I had to be there at 10.30 and work straight through till closing around 10 PM. I could not refuse because jobs were scarce and the family depended on me. But I worried about my ability to do it after being away for so long (we are back to being older now) and not being totally well yet. Real life seeping in.

My bladder came to the rescue. Ah, the joy of waking to my own sweet life! I open my eyes to trees covered with snow. My life is spacious in both time and space. Ten acres, retirement with just a few obligations and a bit of paying work (Reflexology) when I choose it. It doesn't get much better.

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