Sunday, 13 January 2013

A long day of hugs and tears, and more communications snafus.

Ah, the benefits of extended families! I really wanted to share in the memorial for Nooveya, but needed a ride to the other side of Kelowna. I cannot drive that distance or in that traffic. All three potential rides fell through for valid reasons. At the last moment  Linda's middle daughter Larissa had the brilliant idea that her partner's parents, who live near Nakusp, might take me. They did. Mom R. drives a school bus for a living and was not fazed by the four hour drive there and back again in the dark and snow. Thank Earth for steady drivers. I am so grateful.

It was standing room only at the memorial place. Aunt Larissa and Mom Chandra had created a slideshow of Nooveya pictures that had us all alternating between giggles and aaww....And more tears of course. There were many tears but it felt good to share them. 

In her too brief life this little girl touched so many hearts. She would come along with Mom when Mom volunteered at Evrrdy's school. Everyone agreed she was special, so happy all the time. I wonder if  part of her knew she only had a short Earth contract and was just visiting? 

Talking about networks, R's sister has a huge home close to the gathering place and kindly opened it not only to her nephew and his partner, but to Larissa's large family. We went there after the open ceremony for more food and drinks and general hanging out. By the time we got back near Nakusp it was close to midnight.

I had driven to my benefactors' home in a rural area on the other side of town in the morning. It is just a 15 minute drive home and the road was OK for winter driving. Halfway there* the car suddenly sputtered, slowed and stopped. I managed to steer it to more or less the side of the road and made a few attempts to get it started again. Nope. A few coughs, even a few attempts to turn over, but no go and eventual total silence. My new friends would still be up and it would be no big deal to them to give me a ride home. Guess what: the cell phone, freshly charged, hardly used and topped up a few days ago, said "emergency call only". WTF?

I womaned up and set off on foot for a walk in the dark. My main worry was slipping on icy patches. My boots are nice and warm but the profile is pathetic. I was also wearing my moderate temp coat, not the long one with the hood for really cold weather. It was about minus 10C. Mumbling little blue engine exhortations I had made it about halfway home when I was overtaken by my neighbor, on her way home from evening shift. A warm car never felt so good!

By this time it was midnight and I was wide awake, too worked up to go to sleep. Had I mentioned yet that our land line conked out again last Friday? The telus mobility website was and remains not functioning because of upgrades. We have Chris' phone but it only has a bit of credit. This is all a bit too reminiscent of the communications snafus we endured in July.

At least we are together, the internet is working, and so are my legs. Tomorrow is bus day and we will do the shopping then. I will cancel the Tuesday engagements. We'll manage. And now it is time for a rest. I am retreating to the bedroom with David Copperfield on the Kobo.

*for locals: I got stranded on Highway 6 just before the turnoff to Brouse Loop.


  1. Woman you sure are giving yourself the test these days...........time to go easy with a bit of self love.(((((((((HUGS)))))))))

    1. Thanks, I actually quite like who I have become. Any fonder of myself and I shall be unsufferable, :).

  2. I'm glad you were able to make it.....

  3. My condolences to you. It is sad when people are taken so young. I hope that you get everything else sorted out.

  4. The loss of this precious little girl is such a tragedy ....hope the Memorial service held some comfort for all.
    Aren't you brave making a trek out in the dark night of winter! Thank goodness you got kidnapped home via car and didn't have to encounter any icy escapades!

  5. Bravery it was not. Walking in cold and dark for perhaps an hour was a more appealing prospect than freezing in the car.


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