Friday, 18 January 2013

FAQs about Rosie

To my  blog friends: I have blogged about my friend with Parkinson's before. 
This post is part of an effort to reach out to more volunteers.
The old posts are here.

One member of Rosie's team suggested using social media to find new volunteers. Thanks Anji, brilliant! A message has gone out on Facebook that directs people here.

To anyone who came here after seeing the Facebook post: Thanks for coming this far. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions with answers. Feel free to ask more, it does not oblige you to anything. My life 
has been so enriched by being part of Rosie's. I don't always feel like going, but am always glad I went.

FAQ 1: How much time are you talking about?

Answer: Rosie has no Home Support between 1.30 and 5.30. Volunteers bridge that gap, or part of it. We are happy with ANY time you can donate. Some people come weekly, others once a month, others even less than that. We are grateful to all.

FAQ 2: "I could spare an afternoon  now and then, but don't want to be tied down. What if I get called to work? Or: I want to go to Mexico in the winter, or not come when the grandchildren come to visit, etc."

Answer: You let Rosie know, and you don't come, as simple as that! Rosie has some people on her team who are usually willing to switch dates. 

FAQ 3: I don't have any experience in care giving. What exactly do I have to do?

Answer: All serious personal care is done by Home Support Workers. Rosie needs some help transferring from wheelchair to other chair, and from wheelchair to toilet. She can stand and swivel. Rosie has the metabolism of a humming bird and needs to eat small amounts frequently. She needs help preparing snacks and on a bad day she may need help with feeding. Rosie's ability and energy fluctuate from day to day. On any day she enjoys company and/or a chance to get out.

FAQ 4: My back is not great. Do I have to lift her? 

Answer: No, you just gently assist Rosie to stand up by pulling on her arms.

FAQ 5: I worry about my ability to communicate with Rosie. Sometimes I can hardly hear her soft Parkinson's voice.

Answer: Rosie's voice has improved with medication, AND she has devices now that really help. The I pad rocks!

FAQ 6: How will I know what to do?

Answer: Rosie has an excellent mind and will tell you what she needs. Our job as volunteers is to be her arms and legs.

FAQ 7: Will someone sort of train me? 

Answer: YES! One of Rosie's established volunteers will be glad to show you the ropes.

FAQ 8 How do I get in touch? 
Answer: start by sending me an email with subject line Rosie, we'll take it from there. Or use Facebook, or leave a comment, whatever!


  1. Oh Mel, you are so sweet. You just focus on getting well yourself!

  2. If I lived closer I would as well. I am out in Malakwa. Hope you find the help you are looking for.


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