Saturday, 10 August 2013

A lovely Saturday, and a question: conscientious or crazy?

It has been ages, I know. Life has been hectic here. I am working on a longer update but meanwhile, just this snippet.

I come home from a leisurely Saturday morning in the village. This was the big book and bake sale at the library. I dropped off some Focaccia loaves as my contribution and was supposed to help out at the bake table. Since the other lady was quite able to run the place solo, I loaded up on a huge box of delicious books for a ridiculously low price. Now we have to find room for them. What is the book equivalent of 'your eyes are bigger than your stomach'?
Then I checked out the adjoining rummage sale at the museum, which shares a historic building with the library, and lucked upon two items. A brand-new toaster oven, and a super nifty spice rack with 20 jars. After that I made my belated way to the market to hang out with friends over coffee, and checked out the Thrift store, just in case. Scored  another perfectly good pair of petite pants.
All this while basking in the summer warmth. Not too hot, not too cold, just right and I am loving every blessed minute I am out in it.

So now we get home. And I decide to organize the spices right away. By this time I am hungry, have butter fingers and end up spilling a few tablespoons of peppercorns on the counter, which is already littered with other spilled aromatic substances. I grab  dust pan and a cloth. And the peppercorns talked to me. "Do you realize how precious we used to be? Don't you remember that Columbus was  searching for a better route to the Spice Islands? Do the words doldrums and scurvy no longer mean anything to you?" And I ended up picking most of the peppercorns up Juan Valdez style, one by one.

So I ask you: was this conscientious, or just crazy?


  1. Your books multiply faster than the worms they feed? ;-)

  2. I did a similar thing recently with coffee beans. I had recently read that it takes one coffee plant to make a pound of coffee. Wars were fought over spices and the routes to them. And now the coffee plants in Columbia are being replaced with coca plants.

    When I am drying the spices I grow I think of how much they are a pound were you to buy a pound. Definitely worth picking up those peppercorns.

  3. What a fun read :)


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