Thursday, 30 October 2014

Winter resolutions

Isn't Samhain/Halloween the start of the Celtic New Year? In the rhythm of my life resolutions now make more sense than January 1st, which is more of a middle. 

The outside is almost done for the year. All the bulbs and the garlic are planted. As soon as the cover is off the greenhouse frame I am done except for harvesting the fall garden. I can keep puttering a bit but the soil is too wet to be handled. This time of year belongs to the mind. Also to the kitchen but praise be to audio books and podcasts, that goes together.

Last winter too much time was frittered away. I have serious plans for this one.

Last night I did something scary. Actually no true risk is involved, there is even a 30 day money back guarantee. But before I could talk myself out of it I shelled out $450 for a 5 months long online course on acupressure with Michael Reed Gach, author of Acupressure's Potent Points, a book I have been using and recommending for years.

I have been wanting to enrich the Reflexology practice, which has been getting busier lately. I love MRG's free teaching videos. He is so clear and concise and has the same mentality about hands-on healing that I have. Never mind all the theory, show as many people as possible how to do this right now! Yes, do see your medical doctor when needed.

The reason I am scared is my own bad history of buying books and courses and then not reading them or not following up or finishing. From the early nineties comes the shamefaced memory of a herbal correspondence course that I shelled out serious money for. I never sent in a single assignment. In my defense I must say that it was B.A., Before Algae. I was tired and busy, a stressful time. Also, just as I was about to send in the first assignment, the course managers started babbling about getting extra marks by going an extra mile. The resulting perfectionism was the final straw that did me in.

I also want to get off Facebook and the internet and do more serious reading. Kobo allows me to pick up classics and French books for a song. Reviews on recent readings soon.
More reading, less surfing. More blogging, fewer Facebook postings. Pay less attention to the political circus unless I am about to do something about it. I do not live in the USA. Let them go nuts on their own time.

If I were young I would seriously consider a course in Mandarin. Whether we like it or not. China is taking over the world, with some help from Stephen Harper and other supporters of international capitalism. Only fair, it is their turn. In my seventies Mandarin might be too much of a stretch and besides I am tone deaf. As it is, after reading a historical novel set in the 9th century I have this urge to refresh or rather relearn my Latin and read some classics. I am looking for a free online course. I suspect I would really enjoy Cicero now. Greek is probably too much of a stretch, let's keep it real. 

Also on the winter list: finally get the printer working with the computer, get new printer if necessary. Scan old photos. 
Restore old travel blogs that lost their pictures in the closing of Multiply. Turn  them into a book for Old Dutch to enjoy. Resume FlyLady routines.
Sort through possessions and continue to reduce clutter.  Use Vista Print to get new brochures and business cards made for Body & Sole.

And last but not least: MOVE. Sloth and gluttony are the deadly sins to which I am most inclined, especially when the days are dark. Blame Taurus rising and Mars in Taurus in the same sign. This is the flip side of the ability to spend hours in the garden without getting bored. It is ridiculous how sedentary I get in winter. Ideally get outdoors but do at least a 20 minute yoga routine first thing in the morning. There are no excuses. And with that I am heading into the healing room and onto the mat.


  1. Interesting blog about your Celtic New Year's resolutions. And I think your investment a good plan, as you've already invested in the author's process that you say you've been implementing all these years. So, IMO, you could only enhance your own. What's wrong with that? Nothing at all.
    But I know all about laziness, as I've always been a lazy musician frustrated with my own skills while surrounding myself with giftedly active performers, as if that would make my own performances any better. What I noticed when I stopped performing altogether was that it really was the narcissistic emphasis that was getting to me, not the music. Now I'm back to playing for my own enjoyment, as music really is my first love. And I've even composed a simple song for my brother that I know he'll enjoy. Honestly, only music makes sense to me in this crazy mad-capped world. That and continuing to try living my own beliefs more than discussing them. as actions do speak louder than words. That goes for politics too, which segues into the disclosure that I voted too in this latest American election, online via an absentee ballot, but I share similar opinions to yours expressed on your blog.
    What I don't agree with is the detachment from social media, as if that would make me do other things more and/or better. Putting it all in perspective, we can still be involved with the pleasure of interacting with our valued contacts while doing other things we feel we've been putting off doing. I know that's what I've been doing, such as a little music theory self-study in my own time, and I'm really enjoying it.

  2. Dear Shers, lovely to hear about your musical doings. I will not withdraw completely from social media, just curtail use.I spend way too much time following political links and commenting. Friendships are something else.

  3. Speaking as one of the original winter couch potatoes we're trying the snowbird thing to Florida. Maybe some sunshine will generate some enthusiasm for not hibernating this winter...:)

    1. The longer I live the better I understand the snowbird phenomenon. Have a great time!


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