Sunday, 13 December 2015

Nakusp Lights Up.

Some images of the official lighting of the festive lights in the metropolis of Nakusp, pop 1500 without counting the rural area. It really is an amazing village. Precisely because larger centers are all at least 2 hours away people make things happen right here. 

How isolated are we? If you live car free in metro Vancouver a trip to Paris is actually easier, as explained in this blog.

The pictures are not great but I hope they give an idea of the atmosphere.

Below, one of the fire barrels s up along Broadway. Yup, that's what we call our main street.
It is shameful how rarely I participate. Events at the library and the summer farmers market are the exception.
Partly it is the dislike of driving after dark. The drive is only ten/fifteen minutes but can be hairy in winter. Great excuse. In truth inertia is a powerful force and I am happiest at home. No matter how fun a proposed outing is, I always have to tear myself away from my cozy nest and welcome excuses to just stay home. Once out, I usually enjoy myself. 
Below, one of the stalls dishing out food.
I am grateful to my best buddy for dragging me out to the annual Light Up happening. In all the decades of living here I have never gone. The parade was too small to make coming out worthwhile,  but the atmosphere made up for it. 
The middle part of main street was given over to stalls and fire barrels. People were happily milling around, eating and drinking and visiting.

The highlight of the happening was a troupe of fire dancers.If I did it right the link should go to a shaky video.

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  1. What a marvelous festival! Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog. I'd love to hear your reaction to The Giver. I've also posted a review of the best YA from 2015 if you're interested in more recent books. Sorry to be slow to visit; I've been out of town.


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