Monday, 11 June 2018

Testing, testing...

My blog writing has fallen by the wayside the last few years. The world  has seen plenty of  craziness to rant on about and I have read interesting books to review. Gardens have been planted and photographed. Life has unfolded.

Lack of material or desire is not the issue. I enjoy writing and I like having the record of past deeds and thoughts. Not quite a diary, but sort of. The real reasons I have not kept up are several. There is my style of blogging. My friend Melanie, one of those people who has a clear head and Gets Things Done, tosses off a post in one fell swoop and goes on with the day. She may correct a typo but that’s it.

Mine are done in drips and drabbles. A post on a topic may take weeks or months. Sometimes I feel like holding forth on a topic, note down a few paragraphs, and then run out of steam. The post may languish in draft for months or even years till the mood strikes again, or the topic is once again in the news. I need to be able to edit. 

Then there is Facebook, that evil black hole. I spend way too much time there, driven by my serious case of Compulsive Comment Disorder. On the plus side genuine friendships have been made or deepened there. 

Last but not least, ever since the arrival of the iPad most of my internet time takes place hanging out in a comfortable chair with a tablet instead of at a desk. Blogger is not  that Apple friendly. There is an app but it has limits. So here is a trial post to see if this works: Compose post on iPad Pages first, then copy to blogger. 


  1. I will agree with you that Facebook can be an "evil black hole". YouTube is the same. You want to see ONE thing, and then think "that link looks interesting" and before you know it, it's hours later!

    1. Thanks for visiting. Yes, one could spend one’s life on youtube!


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