Friday, 18 January 2008

Catan, catan!

The picture is from son Alex' blog,
Our Christmas guest Christine had brought over this board game, Settlers of Catan. Son Alex, Christine and I had a blast with it. I ordered two games right after Christmas. One for the grandson and his family, and one for our household. 

Two players are not as much fun as 3, but even so Alex and I had some good fanatical games after the girlfriend (not Christine) left and before the North claimed him again. Alas, my husband is so not a game player. Though the few times we manage to entice him he really likes to win.

Alex figured Catan would be just the right gift for the friends in the Okanagan where he spends part of his break. It was a hit, they spent hours playing and promptly bought the expansion set.

So there, 4 purchases made, make that 5 because another friend wants a set too. And lives were enriched because one person shared something she liked.

Now if this had been network marketing, Christine would have made some nice commissions, and where would be the harm in that? 

I continue to bless the friend who introduced me to the brain food that saves my ADDled brain and ended my peri menopausal misery. Yup, she made some money on me. She is more than welcome to it.

I stopped being an active business person. I may blog about the joys and the nonsense of MLM some time. If Amazon Herb Company had not ditched all its Canadian distributors I would still be doing it. I occasionally buy products from other "independent distributors".  It gives me a warm fuzzy to think of the smiles my order creates along the upline. 

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