Thursday, 10 January 2008

An EFT moment in the Hot Springs

There is nothing like a long wallow in warm water to take the winter blahs away. OK, a beach in Mexico would be nice, but this will do.
Apart from the soak, I love the way Hot Springs allow casual chats with old acquaintances or strangers.

Last week this neat incident happened.
On the way out of the pool I noticed a lady lying on the bench between the dressing room and the outside. Someone else was with her, helping her to cool down. When I emerged from the shower the same woman was sitting in the dressing room, looking somewhat distressed. She said she had high blood pressure and had stayed in the water too long.

"Would she like to try something totally different?" I warned her that what I was about to do might seem a bit weird, but it was harmless and it just might help. She was OK with that.
"Sure, why not". I asked what she was feeling at that moment that was most bothering her. "Nausea and dizziness."
So I grabbed her hand and started tapping on the "karate spot", while mumbling: "Even though I feel nauseous and dizzy, I deeply and completely accept myself". Two little rounds of tapping on some points on her face and torso, and she felt much better, to her utter amazement. It took 3 minutes, if that.

I wonder what she'll tell the people back home in Calgary about Nakusp, where fat old ladies wrapped only in a purple towel start tapping on you.

Emotional Freedom Technique has become one of the passions of my life.


  1. Hi! Thanks for the email! I loved our trip to Nakusp two years ago - the hot springs are beautiful! Feel free to use any of my photos, just please attribute them to me! :)

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  3. Oops, the link was too long to work, I'll have to break it up. Got to

    then add this number to the end of the link (or just scroll down to the Nakusp set!) 72057594069894980


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