Thursday, 3 January 2008

Moving into 2008, jiggling my fat butt with Bhangra

Happy New Year everyone!

I quite enjoy the winter break from gardening, but it is scary how sedentary one can get.

My big New Year’s resolution is to get MOVING.

I feel so much better when I do daily Yoga, but it has been a while. It is so easy to slip into a later rhythm in winter. If I don’t do it first thing in the morning with one of the TV programs it won’t get done.

Today I managed to be on the mat at 6.30 for Yoga with Padma. Yes! Stretchy! Blood is flowing! About time!

And just as I was about to turn the TV off the next program started, and it was dancercise with Bhangra, presented by some gorgeous ladies in shalwar kameez. That's those flattering colourful tunic/pants outfits from Northern India or Pakistan. They look comfortable too.

Now I cannot dance. A deep block prevents my feet from moving in time to a beat. I may feel jiggly, but don't ask me translate that into meaningful motion.

However, this program was explaining the moves one by one: feet like this, hands like this, and even though I got quite lost right away and felt like a clumsy elephant I had a wonderful time just bouncing around.
We'll do it again tomorrow. No matter what else the day may bring: this body has moved!

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