Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Today our daily bread

When the price of Silverhills bread (made with sprouted organic grain) rose to  $5 a loaf it was time to start baking again.
The bread machine does a fine job if you don't mind a coarser crumb and the weird shape but it doesn't come close to the taste and texture of the real thing.

The picture is obviously the real thing. Can't you just smell it? It just came out of the oven and I had to take a brag picture before cutting into it for that delicious hot crusty first bite.

OK, the flour is not organic. Just good old Rogers whole wheat, nothing added, nothing taken away. Some extra goodies like toasted millet grains, a scoop of nutritional yeast, honey, blackstrap molasses, grapeseed oil, Celtic sea salt, and our good clean well water.

No dough conditioners, no calcium propionate, whatever it may be. Read those labels sometime, even on your nice looking "artisan" bread.

And a lovely leisurely process of priming the yeast, letting a sponge rise with just a part of the flour, adding the rest, kneading till the ball of dough has the smooth springy consistency of a baby's bum, letting it rest again, kneading some more, shaping the loaves, letting them rest and rise a bit more, and finally into the oven.

The energy of baking bread is similar to food gardening. Primal, sensuous, totally therapeutic and always morally right.
It gives me profound satisfaction, especially on a day when not much else got accomplished.

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