Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Thoughts on Super Tuesday

We have been glued to CNN. This beats sports. No matter who ends up leading the various parties, we can declare one clear winner for sure: Democracy! !

It ain't perfect, but by golly it beats all other systems, and it is great to see the people engaged and active.

Perhaps it is my WWII start in life, with memories of a murderous occupation still fresh in the collective memory during my childhood. But it drives me crazy to see people squander the precious right to vote and participate. I feel so frustrated and angry when people stay home on election days and then whinge about their evil government, with comments like "It doesn't matter who you elect, they're all a bunch of crooks".
Even if that were true, the crooks do less damage if you rotate their position at the trough now and then.

I had predicted an Obama sweep, based on the position of the Moon in Aquarius. There is more to it than that, but never mind for now.
If Hilary gave a speech we missed it, I had a Reflexology client. But we caught Obama. I must say, the man has a spark. I am torn between rooting for Hilary in sisterly solidarity and admiration, and wanting to fan the flames of this extraordinary movement. Fortunately it doesn't matter one bit what I want since this is not my country anyway. For which I am grateful. This is strictly spectator sport.

Worse case scenario for a small l liberal like me:
The Republicans settle quite quickly on a McCain/Huckabee ticket, while the Democrats continue to tear themselves to pieces with this contest, historic as it may be.
The Dems elect Hilary, Mc Cain beats her, the USA stays in Iraq forever and ever and corporations rule the world..

I am not at all sure there is enough substance behind the charisma. Like, "where's the beef?" But Obama just might be able to end the extreme partisan nonsense and bring the USA back to its idealistic roots.

Meanwhile, while going through electronic clutter, I came upon this piece of correspondence between me and my sometimes friend Bobbette.
She is an e-zine publisher and advertiser. We met in a business context. Bobbette and I disagree violently on all matters political, but enjoy the contact regardless. We never did much with the proposed forum, but the idea was nice. This was written in 2004.

My dear friend and opponent,
I had been planning to approach you with the idea for a political forum!

I am concerned about America too. For very different reasons.

By the way, since the USA has taken it upon itself to police the world, what happens there affects the world. Those of us from elsewhere can't vote but we can participate in the debate.

Now, here is what scares me more than anything:

The lack of places where people of opposing views can exchange views on political matters, without immediately descending into knee-jerk defensiveness.

I long for a place where people of opposing views can exchange ideas like you and I can do, without losing friendship and respect.

I long for a place where people of opposing views can truly listen to each other, and even search for common ground.

Political debate focuses too much on what divides us. How about focusing on what unites us instead? Most people want pretty much the same things out of life.

*A safe place to call home.
*A chance to provide for our family..
*A way to stretch ourselves and learn and contribute our particular talent.
*A way to connect with the sacred, in whatever form we perceive it.

We may have very different ideas of how to go about getting those things. This makes us forget how much we have in common.

Above all, I hope to find a place where people can truly THINK, so they make a choice that is informed.

Whatever choice the American people makes in November 2004, I hope it will be inspired by LOVE, instead of FEAR.

Dear Bobbette, let's create a debating forum that sets a standard!

With respect

Your Dutch/Canadian pinko liberal friend

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