Friday, 8 February 2008

A feline foto shoot

My best buddy Bev, hereafter referred to as BBB, is an active member of the local animal protection group. After a rather adventurous life that is not my story to tell ( I am learning discretion in my old age) she now lives with animals as beloved companions.

Two cats who were thought to be impossible to adopt have become happily ensconsed at Casa Beverley. Their story is told on the website in the section "Happy Endings". But it needed pictures. Enter the new digital toy.

I spent a few hours happily shooting, uploading and deleting at BBB's magical dome home. What a joy to just click away without worrying about the cost of developing!
The first picture of fat Teddy turned out to be the best one, except it would have been nice if he had looked into the camera.
Teddy was supposed to dead by now, or at least suffering from some incurable misery. On lots of love, a raw diet and Pascalite he is doing fine. His new companion Sophie is even enticing him to move now and then.
 Capturing elusive, temperamental Sophie was harder.
A grey cat does not show up against a grey rug!
This shelf above the desk might be a nice spot....
Would it work if Mom held up a white background to show me off? Almost, but not quite. Bushytailed but not bright-eyed.
One more try. YES! We were pretty pleased with this one.

When the group of animal angels first got Sophie nobody could get near her. She was so impossibly agressive that they put her on kitty Prozac. Don't get me started on the topic of SRRIs. I promise a good rant another time. But look what unconditional love can do!
Here is Sophie with her Human. The whole story can be found at

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