Wednesday, 25 February 2009

No money? try Barter!

The small Interior towns of B.C. are getting clobbered by the economy and by a government that ignores us, except when it makes useless regulations that limit self-sufficiency. Like outlawing small-scale butchering which limits on-farm meat sales.

It will take a lot of ingenuity to keep the villages going. All government attention is on the (expletive deleted) 2010 Winter Olympics that are costing, surprise! more than expected. Isn't it time to give those games a permanent home somewhere and stop beggaring local populations in an endless game of one-upmanship? We digress.

Some good things are happening: people are coming together in unexpected ways to pool resources.

Coming Sunday we are having the fourth monthly community potluck. I missed the first 2 for various reasons, and walked in halfway the third. We'll be there with bells on for the next one.

Consider it an exercise in practical imagination. Much as we all love money, when all is said and done it is only a means of exchange: a way to keep track of promises we make each other.

Our area is rich in natural resources and skills. Lack of money should be no reason to stop exploiting the resources and exchanging the services.

As a way of getting ready for the meeting I am asking the following questions. Fill in your own blanks.

________ will get you through times of no money

better than

money will get you through times of no________

Examples: Libraries. Health. (which includes access to clean water and air, and good food.)

What is your ____ and how can you get it when money is scarce?

I for one am happy to barter my skills as a Reflexologist and my powerful home-grown organic herbal tinctures.

These are interesting times indeed.

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