Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Filling a cat-shaped hole

Originally posted on Multiply September 21 2009

We have almost always had cats. Even when we don't plan to get any they find us. We had fluctuating populations, but the situation stabilized during the last 20 years. On Easter weekend of 1990 we got 2 kittens from separate households. A Siamese girl, and a black and white Sylvester type boy.
Our daughter named the girl Savek, after a minor Star Trek character in the second movie who is both Vulcan and Romulan. Savek was later the protagonist of a spin-off novel. Guess what: it turns out that in the Vulcan language the word Savek means.....little cat!

Not the greatest picture but the only one I could find of Savek.

The boy was named Obo after a cute helpful alien in another spin-off Star Trek book. They were 8 and 6 weeks respectively when we brought them home, and bonded to each other instantly.
Apart from being denied the joys of procreation Savek and Obo lived an ideal and long life. The best of the wild, with ten acres to run around in, and the comforts of a loving home.
Alas, even the best life ends. Savek died at 16, Obo managed to outwit the coyotes and died an old cat just last spring.

Son Alex took the photo above.

We don't miss the litter box, the cost of cat food, or the hassle of having to arrange care when we are away. But it does feel empty.

Enter the perfect solution: the cat from next door has taken up partial residence. His official name is Preston John, which sounds more like a Social Credit politician from Alberta than a cat. Alex named him Pinko Loco, Pinko for short. It is irrelevant since he ignores any name, as behooves a cat. He used to visit occasionally but Obo chased him off. We don't feed him or keep a litterbox. But he shows up first thing in the morning, and hangs out most of the day. Like most felines he gravitates to Chris' lap. My husband has serious cat appeal.
The perfect solution to our cat-shaped hole!

Post script: shortly after this the rightful owner came over to take Pinko home, so he could catch and devour an obnoxious pack rat. He was given house arrest. Alas, he died the next winter. We got ourselves a feline resident again later.

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