Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Good Start

Originally posted on Multiply January 1 2010

How is everyone doing with those silly New Year's resolutions?
One of mine is to spend more time outside in winter. I don't enjoy walking on icy roads. I used to cross-country ski on the land, but that ended after I broke an ankle 12 years ago. First it took more than a year to heal completely. Then there was no money to buy new ankle-supporting boots. They remained on the 'next year' agenda for a few years but by now quite frankly, I am becoming too chicken. Maybe there are snow shoes somewhere in my future, but do we really need them? It's not like we go hiking in the wilderness anymore.
Today was a typical old-fashioned West Kootenay winter day: just below freezing and snowing generously. The white stuff is welcome. You can still see the tops of bracken fern, dogbane, bunch grass and other 'bossies' above the snow. That should be hidden under a deep layer by now.

Chris does the snow shoveling, for which I am truly grateful.
But without a reason to go out I can stagnate indoors for days. Who needs the world when there is a laptop and a cable connection? So today I pretended that I was a child in Holland, where snow was always a total thrill. Who needed snow shoes? Lack of gear is just an 'if only' excuse. So far the snow is only knee-deep, you can still break a trail through it. I just stomped around for a good 40 minutes and created a little loop.

If I keep it up daily there will be a nice trail to use all winter. Yeah me!

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