Sunday, 23 January 2011

Ty and Rosie's Solstice Party

Originally posted on Multiply December 23 2009

I have in the past blogged about my inspiring friend Rosie, who was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at the age of 34. I am part of a team of volunteers who supplement the hours of Home Support, so Rosie can continue to have a life.

Quite frankly, a year ago I was wondering how long we could all keep it up.
Then miracles started to happen. Rosie had given the natural PD program a thorough try. It has worked for some people. But in Rosie's case removing the energy blockages, as well as eating healthy food and supplements wasn't enough. But now, with the addition of "regular" medication progress is being made. Lesson to all: always think and/and, instead of either/or!

Taking a bite of Papaya without help may not seem like a big deal, but in Rosie's case it is. She still needs help with regular food.

Another miracle is a new love in her life. When Rosie's speech improved I said how much easier this would make it to attract volunteers. Said the undaunted, never-give-up-dreaming miss R: "I wasn't thinking help. I was thinking a man!" 
Lesson to skeptical your's truly, who thought "Yeah right...": Never think Never!

Ty, we love you!

On Solstice Day, which is also Dad's birthday, Rosie and friends organized a party. One of Rosie's famous cheesecakes was produced with teamwork: Rosie as instructor and brain, someone else as hands.
There was music, great food, and good friends. What better way to start a new solar cycle.

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