Sunday, 11 December 2011

A new housemate , posted to Multiply January 2010

In spite of spousal opposition we have a cat again. She is still getting used to us, but she knows were the food and litterbox are, and whined to be allowed to sleep on  the bed last night. She was indulged part of the night. I need an open window, which means a closed door. Sorry girl! 

Her name is Minnie, she is a six-year old spayed female, and quite a survivor. OK. Here is where it gets complicated. This blog is being edited on January 24 2010 after a long chat with Florence, our local animal angel. The part between the lines is what I originally posted. It turns out I had it wrong. Too bad, it was a great story. The reality is not quite as dramatic.
Her previous owners were on the way from Kaslo to Arizona in a motor home. I am not sure what arrangements they had made for Minnie, but whatever they were, she had other ideas and stowed away on board.  Nobody knew she was there till she jumped out at the ferry near Galena Bay. Then she disappeared. Months later she was found, skinny but unharmed, near her home in Kaslo. This is a two hour drive through big mountains. Neighbors of her owners alerted PALS, the local animal welfare group. Her owners were contacted and agreed to put her up for adoption.
What really happened:
Minnie's owners were indeed from Kaslo. Minnie had indeed stowed away on board of their motor home and ran away at the ferry landing in Galena Bay. That part is true, but it happened in May on a short vacation. Minnie made her way to a local home that had some outbuildings, a resident house cat, and a half-wild outdoor cat who was being fed outside. Minnie spent the summer hiding out and stealing a share of food. When it got cold she tried to get inside and it became clear she was not a feral cat. The people in Galena Bay finally called a Kootenay animal care group. Her picture was circulated, and a neighbor of her old owners in Kaslo recognized her. By this time the owners were indeed in Arizona. So the part of neighbors in Kaslo recognizing her is also true, but she did NOT make her way home to Kaslo!
This is Minnie during her veterinary check-up. See how much skinnier she is? PALS does a great job. Except I only found out after the adoption that her vet check included implanting a micro chip. YUCK! This is the kind of thing I always thought was the paranoia of the lunatic fringe. You know, they start with animals, get people used to the idea, and the next thing you know there is a big push to microchip newborn babies. All for your own good of course.
She is not very pettable yet, but she is most definitely relaxing!
Update on Monday Jan. 24: she is becoming more at ease, more playful and affectionate by the day. Chris is quite enjoying her too. I knew he would.

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