Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Tiddly Pom day

Originally posted to Multiply Jan. 21 2010

As the bear sings:
The more it snows
Tiddly Pom
The more it goes
 Tiddly Pom
The more it goes
Tiddly Pom
On snowing.

It has been pouring snow. Chris has given up trying to shovel. This is overwhelming and calls for a man with machine. Neil and his bobcat will be here tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately it is only a few degrees below freezing. It may all turn to rain again, then back to frost, and make a dreadful treacherous icy mess. Winter is so much nicer when it just makes up its mind and remains below freezing for a few months.
The day has nothing on the schedule. I love it. Reading an excellent novel, baking bread, sorting seeds. Leisure time will be over soon enough! 

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