Sunday, 11 December 2011

November sunshine

Originally posted to Multiply November 5 2010

I am glad to hear that the good weather is coming to an end. On Wednesday it took the Valley Cloud, AKA  "Flat Cloud" till 2 PM to clear up. Yesterday it hung on all day.
Under the cloud hangs a bone-chilling damp misery you can't dress for. I went outside to do some last-ditch garden tidy-ups and retreated after half an hour. Let this be a warning to any Albertan or inhabitant of  Kelowna who is considering a retirement move to Nakusp: Fall and winter is GREY here. The best way to cope with it is frequent visits to our wonderful Hot Springs, and adjust your expectations. Treat any bright sunshiny day between November and February as a wonderful bonus. I probably talked about this before but just had to remind myself.
Following are a few pictures from September of the fog lifting. 
Below: Box Mountain hiding, 11.20 AM
Below: First signs of clearing straight overhead.
If there are two clouds in the Kootenays they will hang in front of Box Mountain.
YES! The world transformed, all in the space of an hour.
I knew there was a mountain there!

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