Sunday, 11 December 2011


Originally posted to Multiply November 1 2010

All Souls Day seems a good day to post a few pictures of the day we scattered Mom's ashes. I had to wait till sister Margreet made her shots available.
A final shot of the urn before opening it, with the two of us.
 I had expected less stuff, and more chunks. The container weighed almost nothing, the bag was pretty heavy. 
Margreet grabs the first handful, to scatter near the miniature roses right by the dwelling.
A good quantity on the 'lawn', around the spot where she used to enjoy sitting to look at what's left of the view. Damned trees. That's another blog.
Margreet took this one of me taking the shot above.
My turn to leave some near the chickencoop, that used to be the roof over her travel trailer, and don't forget the blackberries and the compost heap.
We took some to town to sneak just a handful under the plants near the picnic table where Mom and Marg spent hours playing scrabble, while Dad chatted up the passers by and gazed out over the lake from another bench.
And that was that. Last wishes honoured and a job well done. Since this was first written a spoonful of Margreet's ashes have been surreptitiously added to these.

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