Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Showing Up

Originally posted to Multiply August 19 2011

Well. That was a bit disappointing. 

The idea to set up at the campsite for the Beemer convention actually came from one of the members, who enjoyed reflexology at the market last year. It was enthousiastically received by the coordinator. 

 Yesterday, as reported, was a no-go, but I had some expectations for today.
The morning started promising, with three bookings in quick succession. Then it just fizzled out. One more client at 1 PM and then I sat there till 2.30, when I decided to pack it up. Not a total loss, but considering the hassle not a great show either.

Note to self: Let go of expectations. We all learn that at the market. You never know which day will be your dud, and which your record breaker. An individual vendor may do quite well on a quiet day when no one else is doing much business. The important thing is to prepare yourself, and show up.

Going to bed now (at 9PM) so I can show up at the market tomorrow.

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