Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A wasted day

Posted to Multiply August 19 2011

I should just relax about it, but it irks me when I waste a precious summer day and yet do not enjoy myself either. Perhaps I  have set this up by declaring Thursday the special free day, sort of a relaxed Sabbath principle. That means I get to go by impulse. The impulse may well be to work my butt off, but it would be entirely by choice.

Today I had to break my promise (to what?) because the Beemers are coming to town, and I am setting up the reflexology booth in the village campsite. The Beemers are a largely middle-aged group of motorcycle enthousiasts, BMWs to be exact. Last year a few riders enjoyed reflexology at the market, and one suggested I come to the site this year. You betcha!

The convention started this afternoon. In theory I could have spent the morning either getting some outside chores done, OR just relaxing. But with a deadline in the day that doesn't work so well. I noodled and doodled and putzed and got it all together and finally got to the site, only to find out that it made no sense to set up today. I left brochures and some signs and was back home by 4. 

Nothing stopped me from redeeming the day by getting some serious outside stuff done, but the momentum was gone. Or I could have finished the Hilary Mantel tome I have been chewing on, OR washed the fly-specked windows that have been taunting me for weeks.  But I merely noodled and doodled some more, neither relaxing nor getting anything done. 

At least the deck and living room are decluttered and ready for the almost-traditional end-of-summer get together on Sunday. My ideal scenario would be to make some serious money tomorrow, and have several people book a session at my home on Saturday, so I can skip the market. Wish me luck!

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