Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A serious chat with my right hip

Posted to Multiply August 12 2011

On July 28 I wrote: "Tomorrow will be the weekly free day, mine to use entirely as I please. The intention is to go up to the fenced veg garden and work like crazy."

Ha. The body had other ideas. It was a Bad Hip Day, the worst I have ever experienced. This is a new development this summer. I have had the odd twinge in the past, but a series of chiropractic treatments totally fixed it for 2 years. 

All day I dragged myself up the hill leaning on a stick, moving painfully and slowly. I accomplished a fraction of what I had wanted to do. For the first time ever the idea of a nice bungalow in town with a yard and garden on level ground was kind of appealing....It may still come to that, but not quite yet.

Meanwhile things have improved and the hip and I have come to some agreements. 

*Daily exercises and regular chiropractic care are mandatory, not optional.

*I finally noticed that Good Hip Days coincided with days when I took 'Just SBGA'  instead of a cheaper form of AFA, the wild blue-green algae from Klamath lake that I have been using since 1997. I got two more pots.

*A good rub with my friend Magda's herbal liniment, enriched with a squirt of DMSO, removes any lingering discomfort.

By the way, the Canadian government will cheerfully pay for a new hip, but makes access to the above substances harder all the time.

Note to my skeptic friends: if this is not 'evidence-based' I don't care. It works.

*Last but not least: I shall not pretend I am still 60. Any new garden beds will be built lasagna style on top of cardboard. No more digging up bracken roots. Someone young and strong will be hired to dig holes for fence posts in the stony ground.

More observations on the whole ageing thing later. But now, up and OUT! 

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