Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Summer, at last

Originally posted to Multiply August 11 2011

It may be over tomorrow. Some thunderstorms are brewing and they will be followed by cooler air. But we did get a taste of summer, including a bit of beach weather. It hasn't rained since Sunday a week ago, and the temperature finally hit 30, at least once.

That August lazy feeling is creeping up on me. Today The Boy and I went to the beach South of town to meet the cousins. We had a great time. Yesterday the two of us went to the village beach, but alas. The rungs to the ladder that gets people up on the floating dock have gone missing. Without them, he can't quite get up on the dock, which means he was BORED. Not all of us are blessed with the ability to make friends on the spot. Thank Earth for cousins!

What is it about sunshine sparkling off blue water? It perks me up like nothing else. Of course it is always better with real ocean but the big lake will do.  I have not gone in beyond my thighs. The water feels colder every year anyway, but this year it didn't start warming up till August first, when the nights started to seriously lengthen.

But even if it ends tomorrow, we have experienced the Summer Feeling. The worries of the world seem far away. Articles of clothing and garden tools have been left outside without being ruined. Meals are built around fresh garden produce. Most important of all: Time stops. For a few blessed weeks, it is Summer, and that is all that matters.

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