Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A taste of my own medicine

Originally posted on Multiply September 7 2011

No, this is not about some deserved payback time. I had a thorough reflexology treatment today. 
Oops, we are not supposed to call it treatment, we might get accused of practicing medicine without a license. We were taught to call it 'session'. Sounds like New Age channeling. Anyway.....

My friend Jen, a fellow foot squeezer, was in town to visit her mother. We try to get together on those occasions so we can trade but it doesn't always work. This time it did. I brought my portable recliner and we worked on the lawn in her mother's backyard. I am rather fanatic about not missing more of these precious last summer hours than I have to. It was lovely.

When I got up not only were my feet tingling in a nice alive way, my whole body felt as if everything was aligned just so. My right hip was practically purring. Unfortunately it reverted back to mild whining after driving home.
But I am still stoned, in a nice deeply relaxed fuzzy way.
My plan had been to hit the top garden afterwards and start preparing a large garlic bed where the peas were. NOT. Jen gave me the spiel I so often give others: to get the maximum effect from body work, plan a quiet day afterwards. Give your body a chance to absorb what it has just received. Have a nap, soak in a tub with bath salts, go to the Hot Springs. Drink lots of water. Just don't hop up and start rushing around.

Isn't it funny how we KNOW all this stuff but when it comes to ourselves we have to hear it from someone else?

Anyway, perhaps because I had also done a trade with my friend Beverley and gotten Jin Shin Do'd on Monday, this time the work hit me like a ton of bricks. I barely made it home. I plonked myself down in the shade on the lawn and slept most of the afternoon away. Now I am sipping Earl Grey to clear the fog.

Deadheading petunias should be an allowed activity?

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