Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Old Car on the Bridge #7: Ralph Moss report

In a previous rant against the Cancer Industry I said this: "If I got cancer tomorrow I would invest in a Ralph Moss report...."

Ralph is a medical writer who has been studying the topic for 35 years. He is one of the few people who is totally eclectic and looks at both sides of the dividing line between so-called regular medicine and so-called natural medicine. He has had articles published in the peer review literature.

At first I balked at shelling out three hundred bucks for a bunch of electrons, but then my mind started playing second-guessing games again. I started having cold feet about the impending surgery. You can stop taking a pill or doing a diet that doesn't agree with you, but once cut, that's it!

I decided my peace of mind is worth it. So if I am not around the next few days, I am reading.....

Continued later in the day.
The report starts by evaluating, in great detail, the various chemotherapy agents. I have to re-read it, but so far I get the impression that I might stick to my original decision: surgery yes, chemo no. The percentage of people who truly benefit is ridiculously low. That is measured only against placebo, not against forgoing chemo and actively pursuing health building instead.

But later in the report Ross looks at some of the sacred cows of the natural health movement, like the notion of alkalizing foods. They do not come out unscathed either. 

I am nowhere near done yet, and I do wish this had not cost so much. But I have always been curious about these reports. On with the reading. Tomorrow might be a nice day and we just might get some work done in between naps.

Later: Too much of the report is devoted to evaluating CAM clinics on their merits.  The material is worthwhile, but overpriced. Much of it is generic, not specific to any particular cancer. 

Some questions I had regarding well known alternative therapies, such as for instance Budwig Diet vs a regimen including Graviola/ PawPaw were not answered at all.

I asked for my money back and received it. If anyone is in a position to visit a CAM clinic, the  reports are well worth it. I would gladly have paid between $50 and $100 for the report but that was not an option.

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