Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A morning for the memory album

Originally posted to Multiply July 1st 2012

I have not been paying much attention to astrology lately. More than anything I use it as a philosophical framework, a comprehensive symbol system that works brilliantly to describe the human condition.

But this morning I happened to glance at the ephemeris in the back of my We'Moon day timer. I bought it with the intention of using it as a garden diary, so I could see if Moon phases have any noticeable effect. Of course I forgot, and now the season is a write-off anyway. We digress.

But anyway, this morning I went to town to do the weekly shopping, starting at the farmers market.  I ran into a friend and we ducked into the adjoining coffee shop for a good visit and to escape the downpour. Later we were joined by a  mutual friend. Other people came and went and stopped by. Many people expressed concerns about "my health challenge."

I encourage naming the beast. I do not have an amorphous challenge, I have colon cancer. I told people it is time for a "brown ribbon" campaign, to spread awareness of the connection between anaemia and colon cancer. The brown ribbon gets a grin every time.

 After abstaining for 2 weeks because I am avoiding acid forming foods, the coffee hit me like the most delicious drug. Energy, animation, definitely a High!

Several people offered help with garden work, so sweet. It was a totally fun and soul nourishing social time. 

Because someone else mentioned it I checked the ephemeris. Transiting Mercury was exactly on my Jupiter. Cute.

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