Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The bucket list is a garden

Originally posted to Multiply June 28th, a week before a car accident changed the face of the summer even more drastically.

The main item on my 'bucket list': Just once, I'd like to have a really beautiful and productive garden. 

It may seem a small  wish and not much of a story. But really, there are no unresolved family dramas to heal, no unfinished manuscripts in a drawer, no big task I have set myself that must be accomplished.  

I know people whose marriage is better than ours, and people who have done worse. At this stage of  life we are  treating each other with kindness. I treasure the continuity of shared history and ask not for more.
The children are both doing great and are good friends. 

Travel? Sure, it would have been nice to travel all across Canada or see Chartres and Stonehenge, or to revisit the place in Southern Spain where we lived for three summers.
But I cannot feel cheated if that does not happen. I have been granted more natural beauty in this life than most people see in several.

We have seen large parts of the Western USA and Canada. We have driven the Oregon coast both ways, several times. We have crossed the Golden Gate, looked down into the Canyon de Chelly, seen Monument Valley and the Carlsbad Caverns. We were in Big Bend National park in Texas when the cactus was blooming. 

We have crossed the mighty Mackenzie where it flows out of Greater Slave Lake. We have followed the Skeena to its end near Prince Rupert. We have felt the magic of Writing on Stone park and seen the place where mountain and prairie meet near Waterton.
Earlier in our European years we spent our honeymoon in Paris, swam in the Mediterranean, walked through Alhambra and saw the glory of Norway. 
And that is apart from living across from the Wester toren in Amsterdam, and spending most of our adult life in the mountain paradise that is the Kootenays.

I feel kind of satisfied. If I am stuck here for the remainder of my days I can so live with that.

But you know how in the garden you keep seeing things you should have done differently, and you think: "Wait till next year! I will get it right!" 

Just once, I'd like to approach that, in  my own imperfect way. Already it looks like this will not be the year. Details can be found at the garden blog.

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