Monday, 20 August 2012

Steps forward, steps back....

The good news: I have been spending some time on my hind legs. I can get onto the porch and back using the brace and the walker. We removed the small steep ramp that went from porch into dwelling. Yesterday I ripped out the gone-to-seed greens in one planter that hangs from the porch railing. Today after a bit more rest I plan to add some worm castings to the dried out depleted soil mix and seed a mesclun mix. 
Yeah me! 

I had been so good at keeping a continuous salad supply going, but alas, that all fell by the way side. Hmm. Wonder if I can bill ICBC for weekly bags of farmers market greens. Just kidding. The Insurance Company of B.C., a Crown Corporation, has been very supportive and generous so far.

Other people may have had different experiences but mine has been good. I was warned that 'they' would try to rush me into a settlement for the leg injury, but the insurance adjuster herself told us to wait a year and a half, because it takes that long to evaluate the long term impact of tibial plateau fracture. 

In return I am being scrupulously honest. No, I did not lose income as a result of the accident, because I had already decided to clear the summer because of the cancer. Apart from the moral question I am too loose-lipped and distracted to keep my lies straight, so it is easier to be honest.

Tomorrow the leg will be 6 weeks post-op and we get to take X rays. Once they have made their way to the orthopedic surgeon we'll hear how much weight we can start to bear and can contact a physiotherapist. I am hoping to be able to hobble to the greenhouse soon.

The bad news: I am running to the bathroom every other hour again which is not good. This in spite of taking probiotics. Apparently it is not uncommon for C diff to come and go for a while. Guess I will give up coffee and sambal oelek again. 

I am getting tired of being tired and tired of missing the summer, tired of having to ask other people to do things for me that I would prefer to just DO. Gardening is joy to me, and a burden of chores to husband. I know it will be a while till things are a semblance of normal, but going backwards is just a bit too much to take.

On the other hand, we are getting those wonderful Home Support Workers who are getting paid to tend to me, and when I get tired, I get to do nothing. I am not in pain. Quit whining mother and have a nap.


  1. Not being in pain is indeed very good, but on the other hand it can make you more impatient to get out and do things! So understandable. Besides, a whine can do a person a world of good sometimes. :-)
    Hang in there. I hope you will soon be able to hobble around your estate. :-)

  2. Sometimes it feels like one.step forward and two backwards!! I sometimes I frustrated at not being able to do the things I want to but everyday we get with a new day and new baby steps

  3. Sorry to hear your spending more time in the bathroom instead of the few warms days remaining. Have you ever tried kills all kinds of germs including ecoli and the sell little bottles you add 6 and work up to 8 drop per 8oz water...a few times a day...used it for yrs and so does daughter with may work on the Cdiff.. look it up on line you can buy in health food stores...

  4. Thanks for the well wishes and the suggestions. I am using some colloidal silver and healing clay, will try that first but keep Cell food in mind. Have resorted to Imodium a few times. Wonderful for symptom relief and that way at least my body gets a chance to assimilate some badly needed nutrients. Imodium is contra indicated with C Diff, but several nurse friends reassure me that if it does not smell like Cdiff, it most likely isn't.


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