Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A sad trip

It was only a small gathering, 6 including us, but on Sunday I pulled off a Thanksgiving dinner made largely from home-grown food. It seems ages ago.

To make a long story short, my sister's cancer has spread to her brain, she is in hospital and it is all going insanely fast. Back in May before the stuff hit my personal fan she had bought me a ticket to come visit starting October 17. I just got the OK to go a week ago. Monday oldest kid brother called to ask if I could come earlier. KLM said they could get me on a flight that day or the next, but it doesn't work that way from Nakusp!

Half the trip is getting to the airport. Fortunately we have our dear nephew and family here near Calgary, with a guest bed always ready. Our stalwart Beverley drove me to the Greyhound, niece Marjel picked me up there, old friend Esther is coming to Bearspaw to take me to the airport. It is so true that one person's tragedy is another person's inconvenience. I sure appreciate all the good folks who are willing to inconvenience themselves for my sake.

I am flying later today. The latest news is not good at all. Margreet is our baby sister, she should not be the one to go first, but who said life is fair. 

Meanwhile, I am grateful for my own recovery, all the help, and good brothers. 

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  1. I certainly feel your pain. I would be absolutely devastated if my kid sister died. In fact I have told her she is not allowed to go first. Like nature pays any attention to what we want.

    I have been emotional support for a best friend whose husband is taking forever to die. Trust me that is not good either. We fear his multiple myloma has gone to his brain.

    There is something to be said for going fast. It leaves us survivors a bit at a loss but it saves our loved ones so much pain and expense (well, here in the US it is the number one cause of bankruptcy and foreclosure).

    I hope you get to your sister's side in time for some quality time.


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