Sunday, 30 September 2012

More progress, and stuff learned while cleaning garlic...

Watch out world, she's back! I drove us to the market yesterday and walked all over with just a cane. It sure feels good to be mobile again. Tomorrow we get more X-rays, and we see the MD on Wednesday. I jumped the gun on weight bearing, it feels right.

Have I told you lately how much I love my internet? :) I love doing chores while listening to something interesting.

I have always enjoyed doing this with certain radio programs.  Many a dish has been concocted during CBC's Sunday Morning. But now we have podcasts. Joy!

Done today: Prepared the garlic for storage indoors. It has been hanging outside since harvest in August. At the time I ran out of energy to clean it after a few bundles. Chris just hung the rest up with dirt clinging to it. I was afraid it would be hard to clean later and keep less well as a result. Thanks to the long September drought it was a cinch. A gentle brushing removed all dirt without damage to the bulbs. This is one well-cured batch.

This was the entertainment:

I found this one because TED introduced me to Dmitri Orlov. And Dmitri Orlov gave an interview to the people on this site. 

Thought-provoking interviews that take their time. Good stuff. 

To give a brief idea: the surf on Facebook today tossed up a picture of Tar Sands destruction with the caption: If this is good for the economy, we need a new economy. AMEN.


  1. I'm proud of you, Iene. Happy recovery!

  2. so so glad to here your out and about and driving LOOK OUT HERE SHE COMES>>>>>>>>>

  3. so glad you are moving along so well.....Garlic...keep the Vampires at have another great day


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