Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Outraged-out and heading to the greenhouse.

I am feeling outraged-out. I am tired of working myself up over the insanity and iniquities of a world that seems bent 
on self-destruction. I am allowing myself a break from signing and passing on petitions. 

It seems so obvious to anyone with half a brain that humanity needs a way to wean itself from oil. How come the Powers That Be have not figured out the real bottom line: 

Water will get us through times of no oil better than fossil fuels will get us through times of no water.

Canada is rich in the precious substance that future wars will be fought over. Meanwhile most of the economy is based on selling off non-renewable resources, and never mind those pesky environmentalists. 

I am too aware of how many people all over Canada are employed in the Tar (it ain't oil) sands to advocate just closing the whole project down tomorrow. But if oil is about to run out, should we not make the most of the last bits of it? Should we not save it to make things with, instead of burning it? And when there is conflict between oil and gas and water, should water not get equal consideration at the very least?

Anyway.......I am tired of the world's conflicts. One thing I love about gardening is the lack of moral ambiguity. Gardening is always a Good Thing to do. I am spending a lot of time right now drawing grids and figuring out what to plant where when. Leeks and early greens are going strong under the grow lights. I may buy another grow light. And I am seriously considering sticking some snow peas in the greenhouse tomorrow. We have nothing to lose but a few seeds. 

Wanted: more peasants, urban or otherwise, AND the people who can get us into space. But that is a few other blogs.
I am just going to enjoy some farm and garden porn.
Start here: http://theruminant.ca/2012/11/06/farm-glance-green-city-acres-winter-production/


  1. Our little area in Minnesota (Bluff Country)is having a major conflict on the effects of major sand mining *a special type of sand used in the "fracking" process of oil extraction in North Dakota and surrounding state and provinces. At least the pros and cons are being discussed.

    1. Glad to hear it. Fracking is scary. So is massive unemployment. We are facing the need for a major re-organization of the world's economy. It won't be pretty.
      But there is lots of innovation happening that just needs a chance to burst forth. One thing is for sure: we won't get the right answers unless we ask the right questions.

  2. Hello Ien, I had to take the same step back and look at results. I understand the problems, and realize that solutions are in our connections; our becoming one family.
    I'm doing what I can to foster those connections...while I tear down my own walls of being right.
    I've protested, written, signed petitions...and they do work, but as you say the change needs to be global. Thank you for this post...

    1. Thanks for that. I love what you say about tearing down your own walls of being right. I occasionally find myself agreeing wholeheartedly with certain opinions on the so-called right. I want a social safety net AND personal responsibility! Buckminster Fuller said something about needing to just build the new reality, and the old one will make room.

  3. The Fourth Doctor said it best, way back in 1975. "Oil? An emergency? Ha! It's about time the people who run this planet of yours realised that to be dependent on a mineral slime just doesn't make sense."

    Granted, using oil has enabled us to do many great things and manufacture useful tools from derived plastics such as computers to pacemakers. But it will run out at some point and too few people care to be prepared for that time.

  4. I assume you mean the fourth doctor Who? I am just starting to follow the series. My son suggested starting with the first season of the new version. I quite enjoy it but have a limited appetite for action movies stuff. On the other hand, I can watch hours of Madmen or Downton Abbey or Foyle's War without needing a break.

  5. This sounds just great, I have been lucky enough to be in the Lacandona Rainforest some years ago, where is this project located or which are the communities involved in this? Would love to visit the project one day! visit greenhouses here


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