Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to waste a morning

I am 90% retired, it is not quite garden season yet, and I do not consider a morning contentedly browsing the web time wasted. But this was not like that.

All I wanted to do was finish some chores while being suitably entertained by a good podcast. Move laptop to kitchen table. Find the latest Bill Moyers. But first, let's quickly check the email. And there was a new blog post by a person I just started following. Quick, read it and leave a comment. In the comment I wanted to leave a link to a post I had done on the same topic: preparations for extreme weather and power outages. 

Our most dramatic one  had happened in August 2007, as the result of a forest fire. I couldn't find it on Blogger. Had it been left behind on Multiply? Indeed, it had. What do you know, all Multiply content was still there. I ended up not only searching but re-reading old posts, complete with comments. This is rather like leafing through old picture albums. Not without pleasure, but not what I planned to do today.

An hour and a half passed in the blink of an eye. Snap out of it. Leave comment. Get asked for WordPress password. Oh boy. I am in the process of changing over my usual password for a more secure one, but keep forgetting which sites have changed yet and which not. Guessed wrong. Start over. Go through  process of inserting  new, secure password. "You can't use that, it was used recently". ARRRRRGGGGH!!!

I will have to come up with a 100% new, secure password and change all sites over to it, keeping records as I go. Meanwhile, the day is shot. At least I had chicken soup in the freezer to feed lunch to a friend who dropped by unexpectedly. 


  1. I have like three secure passwords. One for social sites, one for banking accounts, and another for shopping places on line.

    Then suddenly I have to change one because Yahoo or some other was hacked and it all cascades down. I do not consider that a waste of time - just unscheduled time.

  2. Good idea. I do have a unique one for paypal.

  3. I have an algorithm for site dependent passwords, can figure it out for each site, don't need to remember. There's a million ways to do that.

  4. Oh my, you are a genius, I am not even sure what an algoritm is.

  5. we had some friends visit us last summer, and we always get power outages during storms (hello millions of wires going through trees) and they were so stunned to have no power for HOURS.

    for some reason I actually like the reminder of how dependant we are on technology and how with the flick of a switch most of us are lost souls not knowing how to live or do things. and of course when it comes back on, you can be all the more thankful that you can once again use something as mundane as your stove or to not have go to the bathroom in the dark :)

  6. Yes I can relate. It happens much more frequenctly in the winter though. I'm an indoor person in that season...:)


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