Thursday, 11 April 2013

For the Record: let me go while the going is good!

We are enjoying a wonderful day. Nothing on the agenda and decent weather. I transplanted some daffodils from the greenhouse into the flowerbed for instant cheer. And while I was preparing an awesome lunch that included fresh dandelion greens, the radio had an item on the importance of preparing for the end of life.

Apparently many people find the topic difficult to broach. I don't. Death is a part of life. Suffering bugs me. Death, not so much. Euphemism for death drive me nuts. I remember old home support clients blackmailing their middle-aged children to not go on vacation "in case something should happen to me". Hallo, you are 89, what exactly do you think might happen? 

I shall not pass on, I shall die. Other dimensions shall be faced when we get to them, or not, as the case may be. I'd like a few more good years, but will not feel cheated if this is the last garden.
One of these days I shall get an official document together, but meanwhile let me put this on the record:   

If decisions have to made regarding end of life care: Keep me comfortable, but don't do anything heroic. Let me go, and throw my body on the compost heap. Since that is illegal, do whatever is cheap and comforting. Donating to science, if that is an option, go for it. Clear enough?

Meanwhile this is a good day and I am heading back to the garden. Spring panic is on and I am enjoying every minute of it.

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  1. I like your philosophy...for spring is here. And winter may be difficult for some to talk about, but it's just another season.
    I don't think we die, but lose the skin.
    Spring is here south of Seattle also. The cherry trees bloomed first, allysum, virburnum, and then the pear. The apple blossums are vibrant red...and will open soon.


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