Monday, 30 December 2013

Jahrzeit thoughts for Nooveya

Today it is a year since the sparkle that was Nooveya so suddenly left her family. The time of her absence has lasted almost as long as her presence.

While we are in these three-dee bodies we cannot know why she came and went. All we can do is wonder at life's mystery, accept the gifts that our lost loves left for us, and muddle through as best we can. LOVE does not die.

Nooveya was so intensely alive while she was with us. Seeing her pictures on Facebook was always a treat. The very best was a short video of Nooveya cheering on her brother as he was practicing soccer. I must have watched it half a dozen times, and it never failed to make me giggle.

Her sudden death affected many people beyond her family. I only met her once. Yet for some reason I only have to come across her picture unexpectedly to feel tears well up. Good tears. The kind that signals we have a heart that is alive. My crazy theory is that she came to open people's hearts.

We have put the video on Youtube. Link below.

Nooveya cheering Evrrdy

If Nooveya touched you, please pass along this link so she can continue to make people grin. If you have never met her, some of her mother's many pictures are here on a memorial blog. We call it Nooveya's song.

May her spark continue to kindle many hearts.

This beautiful card, with a small crystal in the heart/womb, is made by local artist Alexandra Krajewski, based on an original painting.  It is used here with permission.


  1. Thank you Ien for helping us, and others, remember the our Sweet Joy. I have not been able to find a more suitable way to help pass on her life and love than you have already done in your wonderful blog "Nooveya's Song" is perfect.

  2. All I did was collect some of your beautiful pictures and put them on blogger. You keep surprising us with pictures we had not seen yet! I love this one. I am so glad to be able to do any small thing at all to help you carry the grief. Let's hope many people share the cheerleader video. Wishing you strength, much love.

  3. Indeed. The mystery of life and death.


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