Monday, 6 January 2014

Wishes for a good enough 2014

Today marks the real New Year: the first Monday after the holidays that is the start of a full work week.

I wish everyone a 2014 that is good enough.

The concept of enough deserves to be honoured more. Many green voices are already clamoring for a lowering of material expectations. About time. 

And: the insanity of the economic system with its demand for endless growth has spilled over into the psychology industry. There the demand is for endless self improvement. Look at the stream of self help literature and exhortations to seek out life coaches and counselors. The psychology-industrial complex.

Could we all relax and be content to just muddle through? Could we consider ourselves happy enough? Self confident enough? Actualized enough? Beautiful enough? Spiritual enough? Fit enough? Good enough as parents/spouses/friends etc?

Humanity is facing a tough period. Recession my foot. We are looking at a restructuring of the global economy, as well as a time of environmental upheaval. It is not going to be easy any time soon. The least we can do is go easy on each other and let go of feelings of failure if life is not one big glittering achievement. 

May we all be kind and live in gratitude for our daily bread. 


  1. I wish you enough, my friend :) Happy 2104!

  2. I just found you blog and so far I love so many of your posts... very inspiring and wise! I am going to start following the blog (and garden blog as well).

    My hubby and I are actually dreaming of moving someday soonish from the city to the Kootenai Valley (probably on the US side since I could be tricky for us to live on the Canadian side as US citizens), to start our own simple life in that quieter part of the world (we just started blogging about our journey at

    I look forward to looking though this little window into your part of the world!

  3. Hi Kristy, nice to meet a new blogger. I will look you up on your site. Who knows, we might both end up living in Cascadia.

  4. Every bit as relevant today, Ieneke. Thanks for writing this.


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