Friday, 18 July 2014

All I want is an extra body!

July, one of my favourite months. Ideally a moment when time stops, even if it is for a brief ten days, and all is warmth and slow living and forgetting what day of the week it is. Even getting dressed is a joy. Winter's laborious layers have been replaced with panties, sandals, dress. Done.

Last year we had the construction crew here the entire month. The year before I was in hospital. This time I had promised myself that simply enjoying the summer season would get top priority. Who knows how many we have left? Not only in general, but with both of us functioning in this wonderful place. I promised I would NOT allow myself to get sucked into super busyness. 

I lied.

I rejoined the farmers market. It is wonderful to be back there, but we do have to be aware of what day of the week it is. The market, a cheerful anarchy thus far, also has to form a society and I promptly got sucked into the busywork and politics surrounding that. Old Dutch was wondering if I was turning into a "honcho". Not. But somebody has to do these things. With no day job, good health, and no ailing dependants I have fewer excuses than most. 

The market leads to more reflexology clients at home which is partly good and partly not. I'd rather get them in November, but we have to make that hay while the sun shines. Please do not take this as a complaint. Few things in life match the satisfaction of seeing someone leave your room feeling much better than they did coming in. "Healers' high" we call it. No munchies involved.

I almost got the planting work done in the garden but not quite, and of course now we are in watering/thinning/harvesting mode. Details soon on the garden blog, which is another thing I really want to attend to. 

What it all boils down to is I need an extra body. I love or at least do not mind every one of my tasks. I can spend hours picking raspberries and enjoy every minute of it. I like cooking and preserving, especially with the aid of good radio or an audiobook. I don't even mind cleaning house and mowing lawns. I do mind the feeling of never being done and missing out.

I can hear the Buddhist admonitions. I know. Just be in the moment. yadayadayada. Note duly taken. What I really want is an extra body. One to sit here with a second coffee and some internet time, and one to be in the garden watering. (never mind why, it has to be done by hand) One to go to the beach and one to sit in the shade with a book. One to make dinner for tonight and one to finally transplant the rest of the sweet basil. One to tend the garden and one to make a few trips. We get the picture. 

Oh well. I once again remind myself that I'd rather wake up in the morning wondering where to get started than wondering why I should bother getting up. 
Meanwhile we give thanks for good health, good family and a place in paradise to live, ducktaped armchair and worn kitchen floor and all. To Whom or What it may concern.

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