Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Canada Day 2014

I donned white jeans and my fire engine red t shirt, the only day of the year I wear it. It is really not my colour. 

Thus appropriately attired I joined the festive crowds in the village. Not everyone does the red and white thing but many do, it adds to the fun. 

Those small town celebrations are very touching, with a Norman Rockwell sort of feel. The weather was perfect, the setting idyllic. Wait, I can show the scene at least from an older picture.

An extra farmers market was set up on the street just above the lake beach, across from the band stand. A large lawn surrounds the band stand where things were happening. Families hanging out, demonstrations of parkour and athletic stuff, and a race with cardboard boats below us on the beach. 
The volume of the music, a combination of live and DJ, was bearable, most of it fairly mellow Country stuff, as far as my musically illiterate ears could tell. The only thing that bugged me was a song that went on and on about Stars and Stripes, but then, what could be more Canadian? Face it neighbours, we know a lot more about you than vice versa.

I had brought the camera but ended up being too busy doing feet. I am ticked off now that I did not get around to it. My market neighbour was also in red and white, it would have taken a moment to get that memory documented.

Introducing people to reflexology is fun. The trick is to get the first person into the chair. Once people see someone else sitting there all relaxed and blissed out they want to try it too. I have a system: I hail a local who has enjoyed reflexology in the past and offer a free mini session. This person is called the pump primer. It works like a charm.

They are always amazed by how good it feels and how limber they feel afterwards. Note to self: must remember to dig up one traveller's email and send her some information I promised.
We get these intense half hour encounters, during which nothing seems, nay, is, more important than the person in the chair. I can't wait to get to the computer to send them helpful information. Then it is on to the next one. I thought I had learned to pace myself but obviously not enough. I still felt fine during take down, but once we got home I was exhausted and spent the rest of the day doing nothing at all. Praise Dr. Oetker for thin crust spinach pizza on sale. The fireworks start at 10 when it is finally dark. I really wanted to go, it is such a fun atmosphere. However, by 9 it was clear that only true sleep would do so I conked out early. 

Market is starting to take up more time and energy aleady, and it is resulting in more clients, good! But we have to remember summer is short and precious, beach or lawn time must be claimed as a priority. See also: Honour the Sabbath, or The Importance of a weekly do nothing day. Oh wait, that is still in draft. Anyway, it is time to go outside.

Today we mow, water and mulch, tomorrow we beach. In terms of garden mind states, we have definitely switched from the obsession of May/June to the more leisurely mind set of July. Must update garden blog, but do the real thing first. OUT with me!

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